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  • Enhance Your Driving Experience with Our Car Perfumes +
  • Get Longer Lasting Fragrance From Doctor Aromas Car Perfumes+
  • Open the car door and awaken the senses. Enjoy the sunrise behind the wheel as the fresh fragrance from our car perfumes helps you clear your head. Breathe in the calming scent as the miles pass in a flash, and stressful commutes transform into a treat for the senses. Leave the office and settle back into the driver's seat to experience your favorite perfume, still going strong. The fresh scent can help provide newfound energy for the daily drive and a relaxing ambiance for every car trip.

  • Auto air fresheners come in many types but are not all the same. Some are strong, others aren't strong enough – or they lose their scent way before they should. Doctor Aromas makes long-lasting car fragrances that offer a powerful scent without overwhelming the senses. Our handy rear view mirror hangers offer scents as fresh as a summer breeze.
    Doctor Aroma's car fresheners are easy on the environment and won't contribute to allergy-related sensitivity. We use high-quality ingredients such as cosmetic-grade fragrance oils, pure essential oils, and no artificial colors. Our products are free from harmful chemicals often found in convenience store brands. We also offer free shipping on orders of $99 or more.
    Order car perfume in one of our signature fragrances today, and see what a difference our exquisite air fresheners can make in your daily drive!

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