Scented Cards Box + $15.00 Gift Card

Scented Cards Box + $15.00 Gift Card

Plus free shipping

Can’t choose between a few fragrances and  want to sample them all?

Order the entire collection of scented cards for just $9.00, which covers the shipping and handling and included with your order will be a $15.00 gift card!

 Some things you can do with the scented cards:

⁃Put it in your purse, bag, or briefcase

⁃Place it in your closet or sock drawer

⁃Take it into your car

⁃Leave it in your bathroom

⁃Lay it on your desk or in the desk drawer

Warning: if perfume is applied directly to fabrics or lacquers it might stain

This product is non refundable.

 Max. 1 per order.

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