For the Nature Lover: a Cozy New Home Décor Trend

Raw, Natural Luxury

In our last blog post we brought opposites together with home decorating trend Kinetic Play, a fun and playful trend that shakes up the traditional home.

This week, we bring you into a cozier home decor trend with Wild Serenity.

An ode to the wild side of nature. A soulful feeling of peace and quiet drifts into a luxurious space filled with a cozy, tender and warm ambiance.

As one with nature, this decor theme admires the wide-open spaces of the Far North. Natural, raw and rustic materials become refined and sophisticated as quality takes center stage in a dwelling that is calm and serene.

This pioneer consumer is a great lover of nature and pays tribute to a precious, essential form of simplicity. They revel in the nobility of raw materials, showcase nature’s treasures and create a wonderfully harmonious spirit for the home.

Wild Serenity Elements:


A subtle drift of misty, smoked parma and frosted blue mingle with warm honeyed hues.

A harmonious base of neutrals reproduce the hues of natural elements.

A hint of antique gold elicits a pale aura of light.


Natural Rigor:

  • Showcase the beauty of nature’s little flaws...scratched and scarred woods, ashy aspects, dark markings and patinas
  • Burnt, charred and smoked woods create brutal refinement for accessories


Into the Woods:

  • Traces of nature are everywhere...leaves, grasses, branches, trunks and tree bark inspire!
  • Digital prints and smudged silhouettes of stylized vegetation


Enhance your Wild Serenity décor with the fragrant breath of nature in our Wooden Spirit fragrance. Its serenity will flow through you as the breeze flows through the leaves of the wild forest. Spicy peppercorns, ground cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg, patchouli, olibanum and gurjun balsam send your senses into a warm, sensual haze.


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