Kinetic Play: Fun, Playful and Full of Character!

Previously, we gave some tips on home and dorm decor for the empty nester or student. We’re very excited because now we can go more in-depth with decorating spaces thanks to our partners at Cosmo. Each season, Cosmo prepares a “trend report” full of hot and upcoming trends and we’re very excited to share these with you! 
The first trend of the Fall / Winter Home Décor is Kinetic Play. 
Bringing opposites together, along with the element of surprise, creates a home full of character! Playful, stimulating and progressive is the motif…this abode is filled with energy and optimism. 
Far from being intimidated by experimentation, this colorful trend is an optical delight for the eye. A touch of sport and cheeky fun shake up the traditional and create an out-of-the-box mantra for a design spirit that gets carried away by curiosity. 
Curious by nature, these consumers of tomorrow are open to the new twists and turns of a modernized home decor. They appreciate modernity and enjoy bringing the unexpected into their domicile. Their fantasy-type home is strangely simple yet always digitally connected to a world in constant movement. 
Kinetic Play Elements
Aimed to catch the eye, these zesty colors are playful and stimulating. 
The color range collides head on into a reassuring base of neutrals. 
A space-age silver adds a burst of shimmer. 
Optical Games: 
  • 3D effects, kinetic rhythms, fluo colors, optical repetition and folded origami structures
  • Geometric shapes in bright, contrasting colors: Octagons, triangles, squares, tetrahedrons, diamond patterns, circles and bull’s eyes 
Playful Cheek:
  • Collages of typographic motifs, technical vignettes and digital prints in a mash-up spirit
  • Cheeky hardware adds a sexy yet industrial edge: chains, padlocks and straps 
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Kinetic Play is all about energy and character, that’s why we’ve paired this trend with our fragrance HONEYDEW. The fresh scent of HONEYDEW provides a sweet and revitalizing feeling when inhaled. It even gives an extra push of energy when you feel a change in temperature as you enter a cool room from the warm climate. 
To view the full Kinetic Play Decoration Guide CLICK HERE to download the PDF. 

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