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     Do you ever get the feeling that companies know more about you than you know about them? Sometimes we feel that too, which is why we’re getting a little more personal with you today. We want you to get to know us from the beginning, how it all started, and where we want to go. So, keep reading and take a look inside our Doctor Aromas family.

     It all began back in 1993 when our Doctor in charge, Marcelo Zelicovich, started scenting public restrooms in a small town in Argentina. He serviced many clients, making sure their restrooms smelled like anything but what they were. When he saw the success of his work and how happy his customers were, he decided to move to Buenos Aires to continue to grow his business.


Marcelo and his dad, Gregorio Zelicovich, with the first A/C Dispenser prototype in April, 1993.


     In Buenos Aires, one of his clients noticed that his bathroom smelled terrific, but his store smelled like a bathroom. Looking for the source, it occurred to Marcelo that the bad smell of the store was coming from the air conditioning. He found that the vent on the roof directly faced the smelliest creek in all of Buenos Aires, and the afternoon breeze was giving them all a taste. Thanks to this, the idea of scenting a space through the air conditioning came to him. If smelly air can be evenly distributed through the air conditioning, why can’t the best of smells? He developed the first prototype of the product we all know and love, our DA Dispensers, and shortly after he moved to Miami in 2003 to revolutionize the way we scent our homes. 



     Now, how did we get our name? This is quite an exciting story, to be honest. When Marcelo started doing service on the buildings in Miami, he needed something to wear to protect his clothing from getting dirty. A friend of his owned a uniform store and offered him a lab coat (yes, a lab coat). The day after he bought the coat, he went to do the service as usual but this time with his new gear. As soon as he entered the building, the engineer that was in charge at that time noticed what he was wearing and shouted, “Look, Doctor Aromas has arrived.”  The name went from Bosem Corp (which means perfume in Hebrew) to Doctor Aromas right after that. Funny, right?


Fun fact: 70% of the Doctor Aromas team are empowered females! With great smiles 😁 #girlpower


     We can proudly say that we have grown a lot over the past few years, and we have become Florida’s favorite Home Perfume company. What started in a small showroom with 3 employees, is now an awesome warehouse with over 25 people from all over the continent (literally) and the coolest office dog, Uma. We all work together to bring you the best products and the best service you can ask for.


Our favorite dog, Uma, chilling at the office!


      Doctor Aromas purpose is to generate a feeling of well-being. We want to create a unique experience for each of our customers (and their guests) when they enter their home. We not only focus on how good the aroma is but also on the high quality of our products. If you’re still reading at this point we want to know, how do you describe the feeling you get when using Doctor Aromas in your home? Share it on our comment section below!


  • Bernardo Frisx

    I know Marcelo since 1983 and I can certify that the whole story is true.
    It’s great to see that great ideas and good people grow together.

  • Elie Afriat

    I have been using HOPE for past few years in my businesses and I have to tell you there is not one day Thai do not get a compliment on how good my store smells. I am grateful to an amazing product . Thank you Dr Aroma. Toda raba in Hebrew

  • JoAnne Bennett

    Hope is the most amazing scent! We first experienced it at The Four Seasons in Miami. We did some research and quickly found out the source of this wonderful aroma. We bought the kit and now our house smells like a spa every day!

  • Jennifer Companioni

    I love walking in to my house and smelling HOPE. It gives me a sense of home, comfort, peace and tranquility. Its hard to explain. It just feels good smelling a home that makes everyone smile when they walk in. I will forever be a loyal customer of Doctor Aromas.

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