Love at First Scent

We’ve all heard of love at first sight but what if there’s also love at first scent? Or at least, attraction at first scent. 
It seems that physical attraction is not the only factor in attraction but also scent. That’s right, if someone’s scent is pleasing to you, your attraction towards them is likely to go up. 
How? Let’s get into it. 
We’ve heard talk about pheromones and we know they’re a natural chemical produced by the body that has the power to affect or stimulate behavioral responses in others. What a mouthful, huh? But what exactly does that mean for us? 
Well, for starters pheromones can determine how others respond / behave towards you: 
Because human emotions are influenced by scent (among other things) they can send signals to the brain that can improve mood, bring forth a memory, or excite… it can also do the exact opposite is the smell is unpleasant to you. 
This is why we’re attracted to some and uninterested in others. 
So we can’t really do much about how we smell naturally, our pheromones have a mind of their own and we can’t control that. But, we can choose the fragrances we enjoy wearing. 
Cosmetic Fragrances
Most of the daily products we use have scents already mixed in, from shampoos, to perfumes, soaps, creams, etc. and luckily we can choose what scent we’d like to emit. 
What fragrances should you invest in? It depends on your taste in scents but we recommend buying fragrances that use real herbs and flowers that trigger positive feelings. 
Here are some of our favorite scents; you can even find some of these ingredients in our cosmetic grade fragrances and pure essential oils:
Sandalwood is sensual and masculine – its chemical effects are also similar to those of androsterones- human pheromones
Lavender, which provide calming properties and a sweet fresh scent
Vanilla and musks, which can be warm and uplifting 
Jasmine, releases feel-good chemicals in the brain and helps reduce anxiety
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