Scent Your Home 360° with Doctor Aromas

Yearning for a soothing fragrance throughout your home but tired of keeping up with scented candles? Doctor Aromas has just what you need — an A/C Scenting System

Not quite familiar with how this works? Keep reading as we talk all about it!

What Is HVAC Scenting?

A/C scenting systems are a part of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) scenting. HVAC scenting is when scents are diffused across a space through the central heating and cooling system. 

This is achieved by attaching your A/C scenting system to an existing air conditioning system, which then disperses the aroma throughout your home. We offer the product in eleven different scents; Hope is a famous favorite, featuring notes of lime, ginger, tea tree, and rose. Keep reading to learn exactly how to use it!

The Perks Of Doctor Aromas’ A/C Scenting System

Our A/C scenting system works like pure magic for home scenting, evenly injecting your favorite aroma into the air. Beyond that, it offers a variety of other benefits:

  • It is crafted with love, using the highest-quality perfumes and essential oils. When it comes to instigating soothing scents, there’s no compromise on quality!
  • The scents diffused improve moods and eliminate bad odors, creating a pleasant ambiance in your interior.
  • The scenting machine is programable and energy-efficient. You can manually adjust the frequency and intensity of scents (that is, how often to release fragrance) using its remote control.
  • It is super simple to install and use — more on that below.

If you’re looking for the added benefit of setting a scenting routine with flexible intervals (such as start and end times), you may want to have a look at our A/C Scenting System Pro 😉.

How To Use Our A/C Scenting System

Our A/C scenting system works by diffusing luxury fragrances evenly throughout your space. There is a quick and easy installation process to be done initially:

  1. Open the dispenser and insert batteries.
  2. Attach it to the fragrance bottle and ensure the dispenser snaps shut.
  3. Mount your scenting system onto a wall near your AC filter (a screw is provided for this purpose).
  4. Switch the dispenser on using the remote.

The filter will then absorb the perfume and diffuse it throughout the home. And voila — wherever cool/warm air reaches, your favorite scent will, too!

Still struggling to install your A/C scenting system? Watch the process in easy-to-follow video footage.

What Is Included In Doctor Aromas’ A/C Scenting System

When you order your A/C system package, you can expect to receive a mini dispenser, 2 AA batteries to use, and a remote control. You will also be provided an A/C scent refill (you can purchase this separately as well when you run out of yours) and instructions to use the product. Finally, you’ll receive complimentary scented cards, so you can enjoy samples of our other fragrances, too.

Complementing Products

Scenting your home 360° can be achieved with the A/C scenting machine alone, but if you’re anything like us, you’d love to go overboard with scents. For you fragrance lovers, we offer various other products to complement your A/C scenting system, including:

We offer car perfumes to scent your cars, too.

Let’s Scent Those Spaces

Whether you’re aiming to create a luxury hotel-like ambiance in your interior or simply diffuse pleasing scents to make your days at home more cherishable, Doctor Aromas’ A/C scenting system will serve the purpose! Head over to our website to choose your favorite fragrance and purchase yours today. 🪄

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