The 1 Oz turns 1!

The 1 Oz is our smallest and one of our newer products… It is exactly what it sounds like, 1 oz of your perfume of choice, which is intended to be diffused just a few drops at a time into an aromatherapy diffuser.

The 1 oz is turning just a year old this month! But has become one of our most popular products over the course of its first year. As a company we began solely with our proprietary AC Dispensers, which work through the air conditioning, but grew into a market that already existed as well: diffusers. (Psst, for more information on the differences, check out our October blog: Diffusers vs. Dispensers)

Aromatherapy diffusers are typically paired with pure essential oils... simply dripping a few drops of a pure oil into water and let the diffuser do the rest.

What we did with the 1 oz, is something few others (if any at all!) have done. We heard what was missing in the market: refined fragrances, not only pure essential oils, to be used with the same devices. With our 1 oz, you don't have to choose between lavender and eucalyptus, mint and orange, etc. you can sit back and enjoy by letting us do what we do best: home perfumes. Our fragrances have a handful of these simple, botanical essential oils, but are mixed in with other high-grade perfumes to make rich and complex scents.

Whereas AC Dispensers perfume your entire home (and require your AC to be running), diffusers are more concentrated apparatuses. Diffusers like the aromatherapy diffuser give you the flexibility of perfuming some rooms, of perfuming all rooms with different fragrances, or just simply enjoying fragrances in a more intense and localized manner.

Winter is also a particularly special time for room-by-room home perfuming. For those of you living where it might get cold enough to turn off the cooling system but not quite enough to operate the heating one (looking at your South Floridians!),  well, that should be reason enough to try! Having other methods of home perfuming that don’t involve the AC system are beneficial in this situation, to say the least, seeing as they’re extremely efficient and allow you to continue using the same wonderful perfumes.

So, if you haven’t tried our 1 oz yet, now’s a great time to do so. Not that there’s ever a wrong moment to experiment with home perfumes… The 1 oz is just a great product for perfuming on a smaller scale that is also a cost-effective way of sampling our wide array of fragrances. Though beware, the more you try the harder it will be to decide which you like best.

Oh yeah, and as if you needed more convincing: this week, we’re celebrating the 1oz’s birthday by giving you 10% off 1 oz refills to enjoy. With just a few drops, you’ll have immeasurable joy!

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