Why We Prefer Certain Smells

Have you ever met someone who actually loved the smell of gasoline? And the next person you see might not be able to tolerate it at all? Your sense of smell is as unique as your fingerprint. The question is: why do we prefer some scents over others? Let’s discuss if it is nature or nurture that dominates our smell sensibilities.


We already know that smell is tied to memory and that is why a particular person might have an emotional connection to a particular smell. In an experiment by Brown University in Providence, R.I., men and women were subjected to pleasant smells while having to play a frustrating video game. A control group was given the same smells without having a frustration experience. Those who played the game were more likely to rate the smells as unpleasant as they tied it to their negative experience. The same results were found when given an unpleasant smell while playing a fun game. They ranked the smell as pleasant as it was tied to their experience while smelling it. While there is little in the way of scientific evidence, this is a powerful experiment to show the emotional connection to our preference for smells.


Dr. Hertz, the researcher from the Brown University experiment said “In the future, retailers and restaurateurs may use signature scents to create positive associations for consumers.” Doctor Aromas is revolutionizing the aroma market with our signature scent delivery system. Now, customers can walk into a condo building, hotel or retail store and be greeted with a Doctor Aromas soothing scent. Find out how to get your favorite scent to greet you at your home or business here: www.doctoraromas.com.

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