DA | Pro Dispenser

DA | Pro Dispenser
DA | Pro Dispenser

DA | Pro Dispenser

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The DA Pro Dispenser is a discreet device that turns your HVAC unit into an aromatherapy system that will reshape your entire space — residential and commercial alike. Place it facing your AC filter, program it, and let it do the rest of the work.

Recommended for people who like to use their perfume regularly and on a schedule. Are you using your dispenser in an office? Do you want to WOW customers in retail location but only during business hours? Do you like ongoing and consistent perfume in your home? If so, this is the dispenser for you!

  • Quickly and easily control frequency & intensity of fragrance
  • Set routine with flexible intervals (start & end time and days, interval sprays from 1 to 180 minutes)
  • Comes with 2 D-Cell batteries
Aroma Refill not included
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Top-Shelf Ingredients

Cosmetic-grade fragrances.

Better Diffusion

Cleaner and longer-lasting scents.

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Safe on families and pets.


Volatile organic compound free.

Finest scents for the most majestic places.