A/C Scent Refill | Pomelo

A/C Scent Refill | Pomelo
A/C Scent Refill | Pomelo
A/C Scent Refill | Pomelo
A/C Scent Refill | Pomelo
A/C Scent Refill | Pomelo
A/C Scent Refill | Pomelo
A/C Scent Refill | Pomelo
A/C Scent Refill | Pomelo
A/C Scent Refill | Pomelo
A/C Scent Refill | Pomelo
A/C Scent Refill | Pomelo
A/C Scent Refill | Pomelo
A/C Scent Refill | Pomelo
A/C Scent Refill | Pomelo

A/C Scent Refill | Pomelo

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Notes of Grapefruit, Orange and Cassis.

Transform Your Home with Luxurious, Lasting Fragrance

Seamless Scent Experience for Large Spaces

Elevate the ambiance of your space with our A/C Scent Refills, meticulously designed to work seamlessly with our A/C Scenting Systems. Cover up to 3,000 square feet with a uniform distribution of premium scents that enhance every corner of your home or business, just like the world's top luxury hotels.

Customizable Scent Duration for Ultimate Convenience:

  • 17.1 oz Size: Ideal for ongoing enchantment, this larger refill lasts between 30 to 45 days depending on usage settings, making it perfect for continuous freshness without frequent replacements.
  • 5.7 oz Size: Great for shorter durations or trial periods, lasting up to 10 days and providing a quick and impactful scent experience.

Advanced Everspray Technology:

  • Consistent and Controlled Dispersion: Our cutting-edge Everspray Technology ensures that scents are released in fine, even bursts, maximizing coverage while maintaining the integrity of the fragrance.
  • Long-Lasting Effect: Engineered to linger, our scents provide a prolonged aroma that stays true, allowing you to enjoy a lasting sensory experience.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: Committed to sustainability, our refills are crafted with zero ozone impact and free from harmful chemicals, aligning with our dedication to environmental responsibility.

Superior Quality Ingredients:

  • Crafted with Excellence: Each refill is a testament to our commitment to quality, utilizing only the finest essential oils and cosmetic-grade fragrances that are vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Safe and Effective: Designed to be safe for homes and environments, our scents enrich your space without the use of Ethanol, Propane, Iso-Butane, or other harmful additives.

Why Choose Our A/C Scent Refills?

Choosing our A/C Scent Refills means opting for a superior scent experience that not only enhances your space but does so responsibly and sustainably. Whether for residential or commercial use, our refills transform everyday environments into spaces of comfort and luxury.

Perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life but demand convenience and care in their choices, our A/C Scent Refills offer the ideal solution for effortless and continuous fragrance enhancement. Experience the difference with every breath and let your space come alive with the essence of luxury.


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  • Energy and Positivity

Ruby-rich juices of exotic Cassis, spiked with pink Grapefruit and laced with zesty Orange. Sexy, edgy and persuasive. Indulge in this uplifting and happy blend of exquisit citrus.


Top-Shelf Ingredients

Cosmetic-grade fragrances.

Better Diffusion

Cleaner and longer-lasting scents.

Vegan And Cruelty Free

Safe on families and pets.


Volatile organic compound free.

Sensory decor for a memorable,
5-Star Home.

Never run out of perfume.

Save money and waste with refills, plus keep your aromatherapy ritual going.

Scented by Doctor Aromas

When you choose a whole-house A/C scenting system and purchase regular refills, you'll have a clean-smelling home for you and your guests. Our whole-home scenting systems use the same technology as those used in office buildings and luxury hotels, providing a fresh scent at all times.

You’ll have a more consistent scent in your home with a whole-home scenting system. You may also save money and time since you don't have to focus on every room because the system disperses fragrance throughout all the rooms.

Unlike plug in air fresheners, scented candles or spray air fresheners, our A/C scenting system doesn’t require a different solution for every room. Our A/C scenting systems are safer, as well, when you consider you won't have to worry about blowing out scented candles or the mishap of a pet knocking a burning candle over.

Choose your favorite fragrance from our collection and install the scenting system. Our fragrance diffuser connects to your HVAC system in the outflow ducting. Then, whenever the HVAC system blows air into each room, the pleasant aroma of our fragrance oils will be released throughout your home. In this way, all areas of your home have the same fresh scent.

Our system is easy to take care of and only requires you to clean it out once every month or two when you put in a fragrance refill. Your home will always have a fresh scent, with very little effort required from you. Shop with Doctor Aromas today and enjoy a fresh-smelling home!