Candle | Amore

Candle | Amore
Candle | Amore
Candle | Amore
Candle | Amore
Candle | Amore
Candle | Amore

Candle | Amore

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A Blend of Peach, Cherry Blossom, and Florals.

Evoke Romance in Every Glow

Embrace the enchantment with our limited edition Amore Candle, designed exclusively for Valentine's Day. Infuse your space with a delicate radiance and a captivating fragrance that sets the stage for a romantic ambiance.


🕯️ Romantic Essence: Let the alluring aroma create an atmosphere of love, carefully crafted to celebrate Valentine's Day.

🎋 Elegantly Designed: Adorned with a charming touch, our candle adds a touch of romance, elevating your space with grace.

💫 Extended Warmth: With 10 oz. (285g) of premium perfume, indulge in a prolonged and fragrant experience, perfect for intimate moments.

🔥 Safe and Simple: Enjoy the soothing glow without worries. Our candle provides a safe and serene alternative to traditional options.

Illuminate your Valentine's moments with Doctor Aromas Amore® Candle, where the captivating scent weaves an atmosphere of love and warmth. 💖




* For the safety of yourself and your surroundings, please exercise caution when handling lit candles. Under no circumstances should you move a candle while it is lit.

To relocate your candle, first, ensure that it is extinguished. Allow the candle to cool completely before moving it to another location. This precautionary measure helps prevent accidents and ensures a safe candle-burning experience.

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      1. Simple Ignition: Light the wick and let the enchanting fragrance infuse your surroundings with love.
      2. Tailor the Romance: Control the fragrance intensity by adjusting the burn time for a personalized and romantic experience.
      3. Gift of Love: Wrapped in the highest quality essential oils and perfumes, our Amore Candle makes a perfect and thoughtful Valentine's Day gift.
      Top-Shelf Ingredients

      Cosmetic-grade fragrances.

      Better Diffusion

      Cleaner and longer-lasting scents.

      Vegan And Cruelty Free

      Safe on families and pets.


      Volatile organic compound free.

      Passion Perfumed: Flames Aglow

      Candlelit Romance: A Symphony of Scents

      Indulge in the enchanting embrace of 'Amore,' a specially crafted Valentine's Day candle that captivates your senses with a symphony of romantic notes.