Scents & Memories: Mom’s House

Walk into Mom’s house and what’s the first thing that hits you? Something cooking? The familiar scent of “home? ” (Which in our case is a mix of warm vanilla and lavender.) When you walk into Mom’s, your nose probably knows you’re home before you do. 
But why is it that these scents, even when we’re away from home, trigger a happy, warm and fuzzy type feeling? 
Simply put: out of all the senses, smell is the closest linked to memory. 
A quick science lesson tells us that when a scent enters your nose, it travels through two parts of your brain that help process smells. One of these plays a role in emotional memories. So when you smell say, Mom’s apple pie on Thanksgiving Day when you were 17, the smell of apple pie at a later age could trigger the memory of that happy time you were stuffed on Thanksgiving Day with just enough room for Mom’s famous apple pie. 
Scents and emotions create powerful memories that last a lifetime and creating that good, positive feeling for your home (or Mom’s) has never been easier. 
1. Choose to fill your personal space with the finest natural plant essences and pure essential oils, like our Lemongrass and Spa fragrances.
2. Choose fragrances that have the ability to help you achieve both mental and physical well-being whether by enhancing your mood, improving your sleep, or boosting your productivity
3. Choose fragrances with aromatherapeutic properties such as anti-bacterial or anti-depressant, or those that provide comfort, clear lung congestion, benefit your immune system, and more. 
Let’s make Momma proud by filling our lives with scents, whether it’s a famous pie or an uplifting fragrance… choose to make long-lasting memories. 

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